Ruislip Lido Car Parking Alternatives

Extra Weekend Car Parking 

If you are planning to drive and make a visit to Ruislip Lido on a hot weekend you need to think ahead and assume you wil not find a parking space (!) and know what the alternatives are. 

Please bear in mind that on busy summer weekend it will be almost impossible to park in the local streets as controlled parking zones operate. You are better off the use the alternatives offered below.

The Hillingdon Council Web Sites says:

If you are visiting the Lido by car and the car parks are full, there are no alternative nearby parking facilities. There are clearway zones and no-stopping restrictions in force on the roads surrounding and in the vicinity of the Lido which are strictly enforced.

We strongly advise visitors to plan their journey to Ruislip Lido using other means of transport.

This is actually not quite correct as if you have a little local knowledge then there are alternatives....

Extra Weekend ONLY Ruislip Lido Car Parking 

Breakspear Crematorium Overflow Car Park 

The same charge apply here as the car parks at the Lido Itself.

To see them go to this page

To get to the car park from the Lido exit Reservoir Road at the Lido and turn left (so down the hill), then right at the mini roundabout after about 100 yards. The entrance to the car park may be found on the right opposite Crescent Building Supplies around 750 yards up the road,

Enter here and the car park is just through the gates. 

Please be aware this car park is locked after 7 p.m.

Crematorium overflow car park

Crematorium Signs 2

Crematorium overflow car park

Crematorium Signs 3
And a sign that contradicts the new parking arrangments

Park and Ride to Ruislip Lido on a Saturday.

Ruislip Station Car Park
A very worthy alternative that may well actually save you money and also driving around for hours on a busy day is to park at Ruislip Station Car Park and hop on one of the frequent buses to Ruislip Lido. 

This is an excellent and cheap option for a Saturday visit (and a Sunday one is not expensive either) but for a Sunday visit and free parking see the paragraph below. 

See this page for details of the cheap Saturday park and ride option..

Park and Ride (and park for free) on a Sunday

St Martins Approach Car Park Ruislip
At the bottom (Lido) end of Ruislip High Street is a 118 space car park which is free on a Sunday.

The total walk from the car park to the bus stop is around 200 yards

Assuming you have failed to find a space at the Lido car park exit Reservoir Road and turn left in to Bury Street. Stay on this road for a little over one mile. At the end of the road there is a roundabout where you should turn left and then almost immediately left again in to St Martins Approach. The entrance to the car park is almost immediately on the left. 

Park up and walk back to St Martins Approach and turn right towards the main road. At the top of the road is a zebra crossing, cross here and turn right on the pavement towards the High Street. After you pass around the bend you will see another zebra crossing, again cross the road. Just up the High Street you will now see a bus stop. From here regular buses leave for the Lido, either a 331 or, better still, a H13. Generally they run every 20 minutes. 

The adult fare is £1.75 (Correct 2023) and any children travelling are free provided they have the correct "Oyster" card, See this page for more information.

If they do not have the right card then the full adult fare is payable and you cannot put more than one ticket on one card at a time, so you will either need a separate contactless card or full adult Oyster Card for each child.

London buses do not accept cash payments.

The postcode for this car park is HA4 8BD and for a Sunday this is an excellent, stress free and cheap way to make a visit. 

To park here on a Saturday will cost you around £6.25 and the station car park at the other end of Ruislip High Street on a Saturday is much cheaper and also near a bus stop. See this page.

H13 Timetable

H13 timetable 1

H13 Timetable

H13 timetable 2

Unofficial - Extra Weekend Car Parking at Mad Bess Wood

A very easy option is to look for a space in the car park for Mad Bess Wood. 

Assuming you have failed to find a space in the main car park at the Lido drive to the end of the road and at the T-Junction turn right, so up the hill. Do not park on the verges up this road but instead head up to the brow of the hill where you will see some traffic lights. Just after the lights there is a turning to the left in to Mad Bess Woods car park. 

The walk back down the hill to the Lido is a little over 1,000 yards.

A visit to the Lido with free Parking and a walk through the woods

Do your homework and you can park in the streets to the south of the Lido and walk through the woods to get there. 

Once you enter the woods just keep straight on or bear left, you can see the trails through the woods on the image off Google Earth below. Click image to zoom, the Lido is shown top left.
Ruislip Woods

Ruislip Lido Tow Away Zone

Don't get your car towed away!

The roads around the Lido have been designated a "Tow Away Zone"

Be aware if you park illegally the council may tow your car away.

If you car is towed either search on TRACE or ring 01895 271 418 but it will probably be in the car park behind Eastcote Station.

See this page for more details


All information was considered correct in 2023. You must ALWAYS check for up to date information at the machines at the time you park. Do NOT park in the Waters Edge section unless you intend to go there and you MUST give them your registration number. 

If you elect to park somewhere not withstanding signs saying your should not do so then we cannot be held accountable. You do this at your own risk.

Please e-mail any comments or corrections to me from the form here.

This is a community web site.

We are NOT Ruislip Lido, we are NOT the Council, we have nothing to do with the car parks or the tickets you might get affixed to your car either by the traffic wardens or through the post from the pub car park managers.

E & O.E.