Ruislip Lido Car Park Charges

Cost to park at Ruislip Lido

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Admission to the Lido itself is FREE

Car Park
Charging Times
All except Waters Edge
January, February, March,
September, October, November and December
See opening
hours below
All except Waters Edge
April, May, June, July and August
See opening
hours below
Up to 5 hours £5
Over 5 hours £10
Waters Edge
24/7 365 days of the year
24 hours
Max stay three hours and you 
must register at the bar.
Latest information
If you need to double check the above please 
go to the Hillingdon Council Page here

Car Park 2021 charges

Ruislip Lido 2021 charges

Car Park 2021 charges

Ruislip Lido 2021 charges

Ruislip Lido Tow Away Zone

Don't get your car towed away!

The roads around the Lido have been designated a "Tow Away Zone"

Be aware if you park illegally the council may tow your car away.

If you car is towed either search on TRACE or ring 01895 271 418 but it will probably be in the car park behind Eastcote Station.

See this page for more details

Ruislip Lido Controlled Parking Zone

New for 2019 a controlled parking zone has been introduced by the council in the roads around the Lido. 

Blue Badge holders are only allowed 30 minutes parking there we are advised. 

Roads included are

Zone RL 

Withy Lane, Ruislip

Zone RL2

Abercorn Grove, Ruislip
Bury Street, Ruislip
Dell Farm Road, Ruislip
Ducks Hill Road, Ruislip
Lakeside Close, Ruislip
Reservoir Road, Ruislip

See this page for more details


All information was considered correct in 2021. You must ALWAYS check for up to date information at the machines at the time you park. Do NOT park in the Waters Edge section unless you intend to go there and you MUST give them your registration number. 

Please e-mail any comments or corrections to me from the form here.

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