Frequently Asked Questions about Ruislip Lido

When is Ruislip Lido open and Closed?

The official opening times are shown on the home page here. That said there are no gates so access is possible at all time. Various amenities such as the cafés and railway will have their own opening hours, also out of hours you may find areas such as the toilets locked up. 

What is the post code for Ruislip Lido?

Pop HA4 7TY in your sat nav to drive to the Lido. If you are planning to drive there It is essential that you see our page about the car parks at the Lido as it is complicated and if you get it wrong you could well get a ticket or even get your car towed away!

How much does it cost to get in?

Entry is free. Car Parking is always charged and the cost is shown here (If you live in the Borough of Hillingdon and have a Hillingdon first card parking is either free or the charge is much reduced. See the page linked)

See our car park page.

How do I get to Ruislip Lido by Public Transport?

It is fairly easy to get to Ruislip Lido by public transport. You need to get the tube to Ruislip Station and then the H13 bus from the bus garage outside which goes to the Lido, or the 331 towards Uxbridge, which stops by the Six Bells Pub very nearby. Ask the driver to tell you when he/she stops at the nearest stop.

What Is There to do at Ruislip Lido?

Quite a lot, but some of it is seasonal. There is a pub, The Waters Edge, that does food and is open "normal" pub hours. There is a miniature railway, a café and various "park" type activities such as climbing frames and a "Gym". In the summer there is a "splash pad" (no set operating times) and, of course, the beach. A 1.5 mile walk around the Lido is always a joy at any time of year. 

Can I swim in Ruislip Lido?

No. The water is not clean and swimming is certainly not recommended. In the 1960's you could swim in there but the water is now stagnant. You should also not paddle in there or allow dogs in to the water. Of course there is nobody around to stop you and people occasionally do swim and paddle, but it is not a good idea. Why not?

Can I Use My Boat, Kayak, Lilo etc. in Ruislip Lido?

No. You are not allowed in or on the water at all

Can I Take My Dog To Ruislip Lido?

Yes, Ruislip Lido is a dog-friendly place. Dogs must be kept on a lead in the area around the café and main beach and are not allowed on the beach used by the general public but if you walk past the Woodland Centre you will find, as a partly separate area, the dog beach.

Can I go Fishing In Ruislip Lido?

You can, but fishing is only permitted at Ruislip Lido from 16 June to 14 March and ONLY from the designated wooden platforms which are away from the main beach area and through the woods. You MUST have a National Rod Licence. 

Can I have a BBQ at Ruislip Lido?

Absolutely NOT. If you see the remains of BBQ's that have been lit then this has been done without permission and contrary to local by-laws  

Can I ride my bike around Ruislip Lido?

You can, but obviously you must show respect to those on foot, and it can get very busy in certain areas on sunny days.

Can I run around Ruislip Lido?

Yes. Many people elect to run around Ruislip Lido. A lap is a little over 1.5 miles and fairly flat but there are some inclines. However, it can get muddy, you have been warned! Over by the beach side is Park Wood with many excellent trails to run along. 

Is Ruislip Lido Man Made?

Yes. It was built as a reservoir in 1811 to feed The Grand Union Canal but was never very successful and the River Colne took over this duty quite soon after it was built. There is a lot more to read on the early history page