No Swimming in Ruislip Lido

Swimming in Ruislip Lido

The Diving Pool Ruislip Lido
When Ruislip Reservior became, in the 1930's by definition a Lido, you could swim in there (The word Lido means "a public open-air swimming pool or bathing beach"). 

There was a pool area in the water outside what is now The Waters Edge with a concrete base and jetties either side and, indeed, you could swim out further if you wanted. 

The area was treated regularly with chlorine to make the water "cleaner" and there were lifeguards patrolling the area.

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People Swimming in Ruislip Lido in the 1960's

The Diving Pool Ruislip Lido

Ruislip Lido lifeguard in his boat

The Diving Pool Ruislip Lido

Taken during an exceptional flood!

Why you cannot swim in there today

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