Ruislip Lido Brochure from around 1948
This brochure is thought to date from around 1948.
It would appear to be very rare and is an interesting piece of the history of Ruislip Lido. This is the only copy of this type of brochure we have ever come across.

If you have seen, or have a copy of, anything similar we would love to hear from you, or, indeed, if you have any other Ruislip Lido ephemera. If you have ANY old photographs of Ruislip Lido we would be delighted to consider them for inclusion on this web site.  Just e-mail them over or if you do not have the ability to scan them in contact us and we can take them, scan them and then return them to you. 

We are very happy to have sent in RECENT pictures taken around Ruislip Lido as well as any from years ago you might have.