Why is there no Swimming in Ruislip Lido?

Why you cannot swim in there today

In the 1970's the numbers coming to the Lido dropped off due, in part, to the council raising admission charges to above what people were prepared to pay. The Lido as an actual Lido went to wrack and ruin and so effectively closed and became little more than a "lake with a walk and a miniature railway".

Such attractions as the pool area, rowing boats, sailing club, water skiing etc. all left or finished. This means it has become a somewhat stagnent lake. 

Today the following problems are thought to affect the water in there: -

Cattle Slurry: This was thought to have been found in there as long as 100 years ago and why the outflow (which was to feed the Grand Union Canal) was deemed unfit to supply the people of west London with drinking water. It is still apparently present in there today as Highland Shorthorn or Sussex Brown cows are still grazed on the nearby Poor's Field. 

Rat Droppings: If you ingest water contaminated with rat droppings there is every chance you will get Wiels Disease which can prove fatal.

Bird Droppings:  Many Canada Geese and swans now live on the Lido and they have to go somewhere

Swimmers Itch: A little worm that burrows in to your skin causing a rash. (Image below)

Blue-green algae:  Tends to occur in hot sunny weather and can be fatal to dogs and toxic to humans.

Golf-Course Run-Off: It is suggested that chemicals applied to the grass around certain local golf course end up finding their way in to the Lido after rainfall.

Human Faeces: Apparantly some houses in the Copsewood estate have/had illegal sewer systems that ran in to the rain water drains which in turn run in to small streams through the woods and on to......

Swimmers Itch example


Man Made Problems: Broken glass, barbed wire and other dangerous objects are reputed to be under the water near the beach. The area is never checked, there could be anything under there.