Ruislip Lido Car Parks

The car parking arrangements are Quite Complicated and strictly enforced. Make sure you know where to park.

There Is A Controlled Parking Zone Around The Lido Read All About It Here. 

There Is A 30 Minute Restriction For Those With Blue Badges In Zones R1 And R2.
Do not assume with a Blue Badge you can park as "normal" around the Lido, you cannot.

The thirty minute restriction is there to in effect allow for dropping off and picking up.

Those With Blue Badges May Not Park In The Lay-Bys On Reservoir Road
and must park in the 
car park where you can pay by cash or card.

There Are Basically THREE Car Parks At Ruislip Lido

Car Park One: 

Hillingdon First Cardholders Only

Ruislip Lido Car Park
Residents of the London Borough of Hillingdon can apply to the Council for a Hillingdon First Card allowing them discounted car parking and free refuse disposal at local waste centres etc. If you visit the Lido by car then having this card will give you substantial discounts over what residents from other boroughs have to pay!

Residents of Hillingdon who wish to park at the Lido can do so for free. All you have to do is present your card at the machine and display your ticket.

You must always get a ticket and although the machine has a coin slot there is no option to pay by cash. If you are not a Hillingdon First Card holder you must use the other car park for the Lido.

This car park, called Willow Lawn, is furthest away from what one might deem the "Main Entrance" and the pub, when you get to the little roundabout by the pub you go "straight on".

There are six electric car charging points in this car park and you MUST have a Hillingdon First Card to use them.

This car park is locked at night where the times are shown at the head of this page.

Blue Badge parking is free for all in this car park

Car Park Two:

Hillingdon First Cardholders And Those From Outside The Area

Ruislip Lido Car Park
The "Public" part of the car park is to the right.

When you get to the little roundabout you turn left to access this area, then bear right.

(The entrance sharp left
is for the pub car park only and if you are not going to the pub DO NOT GO IN THERE AT ALL OR YOU WILL GET A PARKING TICKET. If you are going to park in this section you MUST give your registration number to them over the bar, and do this even if you drive in by mistake!! They then allow up to three hours free parking (you have to make a purchase I believe)).

This is what was the old main car park and is more or less opposite the entrance and the pub. Hillingdon First Card holders can park in this public part of the car park for free, and again you must display a ticket.

If you do not have a Hillingdon First Card then the price to park is shown at the head of this page. There are no short term tickets available.

There are no electric vehicle charging points in this car park, there are on "Willow Lawn" (see above) but you MUST have a Hillingdon First Card and get a ticket in there to use them.

This car park is locked at night, where the times are shown at the head of this page.

Blue Badge parking is free for all in this car park

Car Park Three:

The Waters Edge Pub

Waters Edge Ruislip Car Park
This is to the left as you enter the main car park and there is an ANPR camera that gets a snapshot of your number plate as you drive in.
My understanding is you have to give your registration number in at the bar or enter it in to a Tablet PC there and you then get up to three hours free parking (best check how long in the pub if it is not clear). You have to at least buy a drink.
DO NOT DRIVE IN THIS CAR PARK UNLESS YOU PLAN TO VISIT THE PUB EVEN WHEN THE PUB IS CLOSED as you will get a ticket if you do not, or can not, give your car registration number in over the bar. The option of free parking with a Hillingdon First Card does NOT apply in this section of the car park.
If you have a Hillingdon First Card it is suggested that you park in one of the main car parks then the two hour curfew would not apply.

Of course if you only wanted to park for a short period you could park in the pub section, go in the pub and give them your registration number, buy a drink (soft?) and you have three hours parking for the cost of the drink. 

Blue Badge parking is not free in this car park

The Waters Edge Pub Car Park Warning Sign

Ruislip Lido Car Park

Overflow Car park

Please see this page for details of the overflow car park and other alternatives.

General Information

These car parks are regularly patrolled. If you do not get the correct ticket you will get a fine from the council or from the pub car park managers as applicable.

If you have a Hillingdon First Card you MUST get a ticket from the machine using your card and display it. This free option excludes the pub section of the car park where you MUST use the pub and enter your registration number in there.
To repeat: Hillingdon First Card tickets are not valid in the Waters Edge section of the car park. If you park it the pub section you must get a drink (at least) over the bar and give them your registration number or you will be issued with a fine through the post.
Do not park in the local streets as chances are you will get a ticket, even if you park on Ducks Hill Road at the far end of Reservoir Road you will get fined. 

Do not park in the car park for The Six Bells pub. 

Tow Away Zone

Don't get your car towed away!

The roads around the Lido have been designated a "Tow Away Zone"

Be aware if you park illegally the council may tow your car away.

If you car is towed either search on TRACE or ring 01895 271 418 but it will probably be in the car park behind Eastcote Station.

See this page for more details

Controlled Parking Zone

New for 2019 a controlled parking zone has been introduced by the council in the roads around the Lido. 

Blue Badge holders are only allowed 30 minutes parking there we are advised. 

Roads included are

Zone RL 

Withy Lane, Ruislip

Zone RL2

Abercorn Grove, Ruislip
Bury Street, Ruislip
Dell Farm Road, Ruislip
Ducks Hill Road, Ruislip
Lakeside Close, Ruislip
Reservoir Road, Ruislip

See this page for more details


All information was considered correct in 2021. You must ALWAYS check for up to date information at the machines at the time you park. Do NOT park in the Waters Edge section unless you intend to go there and you MUST give them your registration number. 

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We are NOT Ruislip Lido, we are NOT the Council, we have nothing to do with the car parks or the tickets you might get affixed to your car either by the traffic wardens or through the post from the pub car park managers.

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